Behind every mask there is a face and behind every face there is a story!

The Tree Trunk

I have recently developed this weird obsession with trees, plants and everything green around. This one is actually an abstract depiction of a tree with different types of leaves. “There are many branches of learning, but only the one solid tree-trunk of wisdom”   Henry S. Haskins  

Flower in Plan

Since the New Year is not far away I have decided that I will draw one doodle everyday in this book. This can be my New Year’s Resolution. 😛

Abstract Mask with Pebbles

These days I’m just obsessed with the concept of a mask. Weird but true. While drawing this I was thinking of a person who gets very short tempered but is very creative on the inside. Like a serial killer who kills people creatively. 😛 Also few days back I saw these pebbles which had small…

The Doodle Painting!

I have recently started Doodling. I came across these videos on YouTube which featured various ways of doodling and that made me curious to try something out. I just started by painting different strokes in different colours and tried doodling on it. It turned out to be beautiful. 🙂